Patient Education

One out of every three people suffers from some type of sleep disorder and most people are not aware of it. Snoring, insomnia, and restless leg syndrome may keep you feeling sleepy and hinder your ability to function well during the day. These disorders, such as sleep apnea, can be life threatening.

It’s important that we understand the cause and how it’s affecting you. Our team works hard to form relationships with patients to gain a better understanding of the issues and, thereby, allow us to adapt and respond to your needs with appropriate empathy and understanding.

Home Sleep Apnea Tests

This home diagnostic test determines whether or not you have sleep-disordered breathing. Home Sleep Apnea Tests are available to patients who are not currently dealing with a chronic health condition. Some insurance companies are suggesting that their clients try the Home Sleep Apnea test before doing the Overnight Sleep Study.  Check with your insurance company.

If you are scheduled for a Home Sleep Test, this information will be helpful.

Diagnostic Overnight Sleep Study

The Overnight Sleep Study has the ability to detect a wide variety of sleep disorders.  This detailed study measures and records your brain and body patterns throughout the night. The results is interpreted by Dr. Palla. If a sleep disorder is found, suggestions for treatment will be suggested.

The Day of Your Consultation

The day of your consultation we would like you to be prepared. Please be sure to fill out our Sleep Questionnaire.  It is a fillable online form that can be saved and printed to bring to your appointment. Please also review the list of items you will need for your appointment.


Northwest Sleep Health is accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) and has built a reputation for excellence on our accurate studies and quality customer care.

We provide an informative page on Helpful Tips for your CPAP and Recommended Replacement Schedule. Please follow the replacement schedule and have your equipment checked periodically to keep it running in excellent condition.  If you have questions or need to order replacement parts, please call 503.353.1272.